Withings has an electrocardiogram scale
Withings has an electrocardiogram scale

Consumer electronics company Withings presented its Connected Health Station Body Scan device at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2022.

In addition to weight, this $300 device also provides Hexapod EKG readings, segmented body composition measurements, and the ability to assess nerve activity in the feet.

The device is a barometer for people who want to understand body fat loss and how this relates to heart health.

Since the meter promises to deliver an at-home ECG, it will have to go through a stricter approval process from the Food and Drug Administration.

The same process caused a long delay in the company's ScanWatch, which provides wrist electrocardiograms, causing it to reach Europe before the United States.

A new body scan adds trendy new functionality to the Withings scale. The product has four weight sensors that can accurately measure weight within 50 grams.

The device also has 14 ITO electrodes in the platform and four stainless steel electrodes in a retractable handle. Together, these sensors collect data to analyze the 6-axis ECG and body parts composition.

A body scan promises to analyze data on health problems, including heart rate, blood vessel age, and EKG measurements on a daily basis.

The electrodes mean that the device uses bioelectrical impedance analysis to measure the body's general makeup.

In addition to the standard body fat percentage, Withings can also measure water, visceral fat, muscle and bone mass.

Withings offers smarter metrics to measure you

It should also provide more accurate readings of individual parts of the body, including the torso, arms, and legs.

Looking at the company's other products, Body Scan is an obvious addition to the brand. The company has a sleep monitor under the mattress, a smart bracelet that measures blood pressure, and a body temperature sensor.

In addition to hardware products, Withings is also expanding its range of in-app health advice. The company provides education, clinical experts, and personalized nutrition services to its users, and training programs can help them achieve their health goals.

In addition to that, the app also allows users to export health snapshots with historical data. This data is useful for people who want to monitor their health with nutritionists, coaches, and healthcare professionals.

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