Brentwood KT-1962W Cordless Automatic Electric Glass Kettle
Brentwood KT-1962W Cordless Automatic Electric Glass Kettle

Brentwood KT-1962W Cordless Electric Glass Teapot 1.7 Liter with Stainless Steel Teapot, White/Silver

If you don't just enjoy the occasional cup of coffee, the Brentwood 1.7L Cordless Electric Glass Teapot is the perfect tool to ensure you always have hot water to get the most out of your fine tea set. The kitchen kettle has a convenient cordless design that allows you to enjoy your food effortlessly. Its simple design features an on/off switch on the handle: just turn it on and within minutes you'll have plenty of boiling water for brewing herbal tea, Earl Gray tea, white tea, hot chocolate and more. You can also cook oatmeal, instant noodles, or hard-boiled eggs in boiling water. The food grade stainless steel teapot allows you to brew tea directly in the kettle, which is more convenient. The clear glass jug allows you to easily see how much water is left and lights up brightly with a blue LED when the heating element is turned on. This kettle comes with a 360° metal base, so it works no matter where you place the kettle. Dry burn and auto shut-off features help prevent overheating.

  •  1.7L Capacity: Boils about 2L of water in minutes
  • Cordless Design: Electric teapot on the table, convenient wireless design.
  • Safety features: dry firing and automatic shutdown to prevent overheating.
  • TEA SET INCLUDED: A food grade stainless steel tea set is included so you can steep it directly in the kettle.
  • Convenient swivel base: The 360-degree swivel base works no matter how the kettle is placed on it

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