TOPUSER GPS Smartwatch Real time Tracking for Family
TOPUSER GPS Smartwatch Real time Tracking for Family

TOPUSER GPS Smartwatch Home Real Time Tracking, Multifunctional GPS Tracker, Cell Phone SOS Touch Screen, Pedometer, Date Tracking, Geo-fence, Voice Monitoring, Chat Camera, etc.

in a historical way

The history of the GPS owner's movements in the past 3 months is recorded for later review, so that you can track all the places where the GPS owner has been and find lost items more easily.

Two way to contact

Apart from being a GPS tracker, the device can also be used as a mobile phone for making calls and building a communication bridge.

electronic fence alarm

You can set a safe zone (centered around the GPS wearer), keep the watch wearer in that zone and the device will automatically alert in your phone app when the GPS wearer leaves the safe zone.

asking for help

The wearer can swipe through the house numbers for emergency assistance by simply pressing the SOS button.

voice chat

You can use your smart watch to chat with your loved ones.


Increase pedometer function, get regular healthy exercise, increase resistance of old or young people.

smart watch with camera

Equipped with a front camera, this smart watch allows old people or young people to take pictures or selfies at any time and capture their precious moments.


The app can set alarms to warn seniors when they need to take their medication or when the wearer needs to get up early. (The alarm is divided into individual, daily and custom times, which can be set according to your own needs).

A variety of functions

This GPS smart watch comes with more features like camera, pedometer, phone, remote voice monitoring, historical route tracking, geo-tagging, voice chat and more.

TOPUSER GPS Smartwatch Real time Tracking for Family
TOPUSER GPS Smartwatch Real time Tracking for Family

  •     【Multifunctional GPS smart watch】Real-time tracking, phone calls, emergency SOS calls, historical route tracking, geo-fence, pedometer, camera, remote voice monitoring, alarm clock, do not disturb mode, battery alarm Low, voice chat and suite. In addition, the 3G GPS smart watch can also meet the needs of birthday gifts - the perfect gift for the family.
  •     【3G GPS Accuracy Positioning】The smart watch supports multiple GPS / WiFi / LBS positioning modes. The cell phone watch can automatically identify the GPS network and automatically switch the positioning mode. LBS positioning is used indoors and GPS/LBS positioning is used outdoors. GPS watches can accurately track your family's real-time location and quickly upload location data to the app. You can check the location of your watch at any time through the "Ai Belle" app.
  •     [SOS Emergency Call 3G GPS Mobile Watch] When GPS users encounter a danger (such as hijacking, landing, etc.), they can press the SOS button to send an emergency call to the SOS number preset in the APP law and to call for help in time. In the service of GPS trackers and watches, the bracelet can also act as a phone for making phone calls. Two-way conversation and a tool for communicating feelings with your family.
  •     【Geo-Fence & Footprint Recording】Electronic Fence Alarm: You can set a safety zone centered around the watch stand. If your family exceeds this range, the mobile application will automatically remind you to prevent various accidents in advance. : The travel history and historical location of the person wearing the GPS watch in the past three months are stored in the system, so you can view and find their location at any time.
  •     【Pedometer and Applicable Persons】Add the pedometer function, it will record the wearer's steps from the GPS and transmit the data to the APP to calculate the distance and calories burned. Regular exercise increases the body's resistance in older men. Please choose the colors carefully. The black color is suitable for the elderly and adults (men and women). The black ribbon is slightly longer than the pink, blue, and gray ribbon. Pink, blue and gray are more suitable for young people.

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