Samsung foldable devices define the future of mobile innovation
Samsung foldable devices define the future of mobile innovation

When Samsung launched its first flexible screen prototype in 2011, few realized they saw the future of the wireless industry.

Ten years later, Samsung's foldable device shipments in 2021 will be four times what it was in 2020, exceeding analysts' expectations that market growth will triple.

The success of the Galaxy Z series is a testament to the excitement among consumers for Samsung's foldable devices. In the first month after their launch, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 surpassed the company's cumulative sales of foldable devices in 2020.

By 2023, shipments of foldable smartphones are expected to increase tenfold, with the company focusing on key moments, key innovations, and key partnerships that will help make foldable devices the next big thing.

In 2011, the company was able to introduce the concept of a foldable screen for the first time. However, it will take more than ten years to get foldable devices to consumers around the world.

The next big breakthrough came in 2019 when the company realized its foldable vision with its first foldable device, the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Z Flip appeared shortly thereafter.

After ten years of advancement and three generations of innovation, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 offer greater durability and a better user experience for foldable devices.

It's not just these phones that set new standards in the industry. But they have revived consumer interest in smartphones in general.

To create a Samsung foldable classroom, smartphones must be rethought from the inside out, including the development of new materials and methods to overcome mechanical challenges.

This rise in innovation has increased the demand for foldable devices. This attracted more users to join the Galaxy series.

Samsung foldable shipments are expected to quadruple in 2021

Compared to the Galaxy Note 20 series, the number of consumers that Samsung switched to the Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone brand increased by 150%. Compared to the Galaxy S21 series, it has increased by 140%.

Both devices in the Galaxy Z series offer functions favored by certain groups of customers. A possibility that other smartphones have not had before.

A survey conducted by the company found that the most important factors to consider when buying the Galaxy Z Flip 3 are design, portability and appearance.

For people who value privacy, being able to use the cover without opening the device is another important factor. And those who want to organize screen time to manage their mental health.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 buyers say they are drawn to its large screen and multitasking capabilities. Plus productivity features like the S Pen.

The company said that both devices are clearly encouraging consumers to switch to foldable devices. Even if it means changing the brand or operating system.

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