Tesla has a serious competitor in the field of solar roofs
Tesla has a serious competitor in the field of solar roofs

In 2016, Tesla attempted to turn the roof into a series of glass blocks filled with solar energy and has worked hard to make that vision a reality ever since. But GAF Energy, headquartered in San Jose, California, believes it has a simpler rooftop solar solution.

The company makes a solar roof that installs much like the panels they use when repairing or replacing a traditional non-solar roof.

You may have heard of solar roofs before, but Martin Debono, president of GAF Energy, noted that the new Timberline solar roof is the first to be named because it is the first in operation.

“A group of companies have developed what is known as a solar roof,” de Bono said. But this solar roof is the same as ordinary, very small solar panels. Explain how these early solar roofs needed rails to remove the modules.

Thanks to the company's efforts, Debono says the solar roof can be installed in days instead of weeks. He said we had it installed in a matter of days, including removing the old roof and installing a new one.

The company has already tested classic brick solar roofs. Debono said GAF ​​Energy has installed more than 2,000, which is more than Tesla.

GAF Energy and Tesla compete in the production of solar roofs

It will take 12 people a few days to work on the roof, Debono said. But Standard Industries, the parent company's building materials group, decided to invest more than $1 billion in this seemingly simple solution.

Debono stated that with a proprietary blend of glass, polysilicon solar cells and a top layer of fluorinated ethylene-alkane polymer, Timberline is the first UL 7103-certified product to be used as a solar module and building material.

This suit is flame and shock resistant and has a compact design for easy walking. It is still transparent enough to allow light to pass through.

He said the solar roof has first-class fire and cold resistance. The density of the solar roof is also low, which is the same thickness as regular shingles. This makes it easier and should be easier to use on surfaces.

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