Samsung pledges to support NFT in its TVs
Samsung pledges to support NFT in its TVs

Samsung plans to provide expanded support for the indispensable NFT tokens from its TV lineup in 2022.

Look at 2021 as a successful year for NFT. It's not particularly surprising that major tech companies are adding irreplaceable icons to their upcoming hardware lines.

The company has revealed its vision for the next generation of smart TVs, which will include everything from cloud-based gaming services to video chatting while watching TV and NFT.

The company said that in 2022 its Smart TVs will be upgraded with a new Smart Hub that will provide consumers with new gaming hubs and environments (in terms of TVs that can display artwork) in different types of entertainment (including media and games)). The ability to switch), photos or other information will be displayed on the TV when it is not in use.

In a press release, the company stated, “As demand for NFT continues to grow, there is an urgent need to address the current landscape of decentralized visualization and buying. In 2022, we launched the first TV-based NFT market explorer and aggregator. The groundbreaking platform allows you to browse, buy, and view your favorite artworks in one place.

According to the company, the platform allows art to be shared with the world. Although potential buyers are allowed to preview the NFT before purchasing
Discover the history of NFTs and metadata of the blockchain network.

The platform offers an app that allows users to discover, buy and trade Samsung MICRO LED, Neo QLED and The Frame NFT models later this year.

Samsung allows you to manage NFT on TV

Even when watching NFT on TV in 2022, Samsung pays great attention to detail.

Smart Calibration on TVs automatically adjusts display settings to match the preferences of the content creator. This way you can see the artwork in true picture quality.

You must have heard about things like Dolby Vision or the Netflix Calibration Mode, and now NFT is treated the same way.

It is expected that with the shipment of 2022 TVs in the next few months, more detailed information about the NFT platform will be made available.

With this new news, Samsung is the first major TV maker to support NFT on such a large scale.

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