The Razer Zephyr Pro Mask adds a sound boost
The Razer Zephyr Pro Mask adds a sound boost

If you were disappointed that Razer removed the subwoofer feature from the Zephyr glasses, which should amplify your sound through the speakers, the company announced the Zephyr Pro glasses at the 2022 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Although it looks almost the same as the Zephyr, it has two speaker grilles that surround the replaceable floor filter.

One of the inputs has RGB Chroma, and there is a new button to turn audio gain on or off. The company claims that this feature can amplify your sound by 60 decibels up to one meter.

The new mask will cost $150 when released in 2022, while the standard Zephyr mask starts at $100.

You can buy a Starter Kit that includes 99 days of using the Zephyr Pro and N95 filters for $200.

The loudspeaker is a feature that Razer originally wanted to include in the Zephyr glasses at CES 2021 when it was called Project Hazel.

Once moving from concept to actual product, the company removed the feature due to weight and battery issues. However, the company said that the weight and battery life of the Zephyr Pro could be comparable to the regular Zephyr.

The company said that the lens on the pre-production Zephyr Pro camera weighs the same as the Zephyr glasses at 206.1 grams.

To achieve this goal, said Will Powers, Razer's director of public relations in the United States, reducing the quality of the speaker set should nearly eliminate the additional weight of the microphone and speakers.

Razer glasses feature hands-free functionality

As for battery life, the company mentioned that it should have 5-6 hours of run time with the fan turned on. But the principle is that you are used to turning the amplifier function on during a call and off again when the call is over.

Like many companies, Razer tends to follow its standard products with a Pro version with more features and a higher price tag.

For consumer goods, this path is both logical and predictable. But for the masks people are buying to feel more secure during the pandemic, that's a bad move.

However, Razer is committed to fully implementing the concepts presented in January 2021. Many benefit from masks that can enhance the tone.

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