Volkswagen sets the date for the launch of electric minibuse
Volkswagen sets the date for the launch of electric minibuse

Nearly five years after introducing the ID Buzz concept for the first time at the Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen is finally ready to introduce a production version of this iconic car.

Herbert Dies, CEO of Volkswagen, said on Twitter that the legend will return on March 9, and attached an animated cartoon of the famous automaker's minibus.

While Volkswagen minibuses are a staple in California's coastal towns, their incarnation as electric vehicles can't be taken for granted.

Only after positive feedback did the company decide to give the concept of production the green light. ID Buzz is expected to launch in Europe in 2022 and reach the US in 2023.

This vehicle is a clear homage to the company's iconic cars sold in North America between 1950 and 1980.

Since all the batteries were installed on the bottom of the truck, the production version should look a little different than the original sharp-faced version.

When you think of the larger, truck-like Chevrolet Bolt, you'll understand what a Volkswagen electric motor could look like.

ID Buzz, equipped with high-tech sensors and instrumentation, appeared in Germany as an independent test vehicle.

Volkswagen has announced that its self-driving minibuses will serve as a platform for large-scale commercial transportation and delivery business, due to be launched in Germany in 2025.

Volkswagen prepares for the return of the legend on March 9

We don't yet know many details about the upcoming electric car. It is also unclear whether the company will insist on using the ID Buzz name.

The minibus uses Volkswagen's modularity to build a platform for large electric vehicles (MEB).

The minibus joins other MEBs. Including the ID 3 tailgate, ID 4 Crossover SUV and ID 5 sports SUV.

Volkswagen may have lost consumer confidence in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal. Thus, an electric version of the iconic minibus might be the best option to allay some of those doubts.

ID Buzz sales offers may not be as good as ID 4 offers and other traditional models. But it is still one of the company's main electric vehicles.

As with the Beetle, the company's truck design remains iconic. ID Buzz can become a magnet for buyers of the brand's range of electric vehicles. Even if you choose a different model.

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