SprintBooster SBFO1023S Performance Upgrade Power Converter
SprintBooster SBFO1023S Performance Upgrade Power Converter

SprintBooster V3 for Select Ford C-MAX, Edge, Escape, Explorer, Fiesta, Focus, F-Series, Fusion, Mustang, Raptor, Sport-Trac 2004-2016 - What is a Sprint Booster? The short answer is that it's a plug-and-play performance upgrade that brings new fun to your driving experience. The longer answer is that Sprint Booster will reprogram the throttle signal into your stock ECU and your vehicle will instantly feel faster and accelerate faster — promised. This is probably the reason why Sprint Booster has fans all over the world and why we add hundreds of thousands of users to our list of satisfied customers every year. The Sprint Booster is designed to allow for a simple plug-and-play installation in most vehicles without cutting any wires. It will not affect your vehicle's electronics (electronic fuel injection, ABS, etc) or any other performance changes you may make to your vehicle. Most cars these days have replaced the traditional ECM throttle cable. This electronic control unit converts the force you put on the pedals into an electronic signal, which then tells the ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) how much force to apply to the wheels. Also known as the wire-operated throttle system, this has the disappointing drawback of sluggish response and acceleration… “But with the built-in Sprint Booster unit, you can bypass the engine wiring from the ECM and replace it with a clean” throttle, whenever you need it . No more late responses. "

  • 3 acceleration modes (off, sport, race)
  • 36 acceleration programs (18 manual and 18 automatic).
  • Pedal lock mode.
  • Ultra compact size / new design.
  • Of course, the installation is plug and play

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