Yelesley AC to DC Converter 2A 24W Car Cigarette Lighter Socket
Yelesley AC to DC Converter 2A 24W Car Cigarette Lighter Socket 

Yelesley AC to DC Adapter 2A 24W Car Cigarette Lighter 110-240V to 12V AC/DC Power Converter

The 12V 2A 24W AC / DC Car Power Adapter converts 110-240V AC from wall socket to 12V DC for car charger or cigarette lighter. Bring your vehicle gear home for ease of use, which means you can save big bucks.

Best low power solution with international safety certificates.


It perfectly matches all in-car electronic products in which the rated power is less than 2A 24W, and no more than 24W 2A! ! !

Consequences of using products with a current greater than 2A:

1. Our products are small transducers. If you connect a product with more than 2 amps, the current will be too high and the circuit will burn out.

2. The total power of the connected devices exceeds the rated power. If the actual power is higher than the rated power, the device may be damaged.

Notes! ! ! !

1. During use, the center line will cause an abnormal temperature rise, which is easy to cause safety accidents.

2. The heat dissipation vents are blocked during use, and the heat dissipation vents are blocked, preventing the product from dissipating heat normally, and overheating will cause problems.

  • The AC/DC adapter converts 110-240V AC from a wall socket into 12V DC, which is ideal for any electronic devices in the car with power less than 24W, the maximum current is 3.8A.
  • Manufactured with ABS shell, including protection against faulty voltage, short circuit, internal overheating, safe to use
  • The 1.2m extension cord is easy to use, just plug it into any outlet in your home and you can use any electronic device with a cigarette lighter socket.
  • Input voltage: 100-240V; Output voltage: 12V, output current: 2A; Frequency: 50/60Hz Power: 24W For car charger or cigarette lighter to bring your car's devices home.
  • Works great with all appliances under 24W such as: car diffusers, RV refrigerators, car TVs, vacuum cleaners, portable coolers/heaters, air compressors, seat heaters, electrical appliances, vacuum cleaners, and other DC appliances.

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