BMW has 5G connected cars in the US
BMW has 5G connected cars in the US

BMW and T-Mobile are teaming up to create the first 5G-connected cars in the US, making the car the world's most expensive 5G hotspot.

The new 2022 BMW iX and BMW i4 models now work with the company's 5G network, essentially allowing owners to use their cars as massive Wi-Fi hotspots.

Converting a vehicle from a pure means of transportation to a place of residence and extended work. More than ever, people on the move are relying on superior connectivity to improve their in-vehicle and entertainment experience.

The cars are backed by T-Mobile's Magenta Drive for BMW, part of a long-term deal to bring unlimited voice calls and unlimited 5G data to the German company's cars.

As vehicles become more connected to the world around them, people on the go can access 5G networks across the United States.

For $20 a month for postpaid customers, even if they don't have a mobile phone, customers can turn an eligible vehicle into a 5G hotspot to enable data, wireless, and voice calls on the T-Mobile network.

In addition to unlimited data in the US, subscribers get 200MB of roaming data when you go where T-Mobile can't and 5GB of 4G data per month in Canada and Mexico.

After using up to 5GB, you will continue to get unlimited data at international standard T-Mobile speeds.

BMW collaborates with T-Mobile

New BMW models are equipped with an eSIM similar to an LTE-enabled smartwatch. This means that you can connect your car without changing the SIM card.

This also means that if you are logged into your BMW account, you can also apply your service to other vehicles.

If you rent a 5G-equipped BMW on vacation, you can still connect to the internet from T-Mobile.

According to T-Mobile, you can connect up to 10 devices to your car at the same time. Although $20 a month to use your car as a hotspot isn't cheap. But it's somehow cheaper than getting a dedicated 5G hotspot from T-Mobile.

For a standalone 5G hotspot, the company charges an initial cost of $336 for the device. Plus 100GB of data for $50 a month.

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