Google lets you delete searches from the last 15 minutes
Google lets you delete searches from the last 15 minutes

Google has the ability to clear the last 15 minutes of search history in its Android app.

A spokesperson for the search giant, Ned Adrians, said in a statement: "We are currently working on bringing this feature to our Android app. We expect it to be available to all app users in the coming weeks. We continue to explore ways to bring this ability to other systems."

The feature was first spotted by a former XDA Developers editor, who said he's been told the feature appears to be rolling out.

To check if you have it, open the Android app from Google, tap on your profile picture and look for the "Delete the last 15 minutes" option.

It will take some time before this feature is added to the Android app. The company first announced the feature during Google I/O in May. It landed on the Google iOS app in July.

Google said at the time that it could release an Android version of the app later in 2021. But the company missed the deadline.

It's unclear if the company plans to bring the feature to the table. The company did not specify which platforms it will be showing in its May announcement in a blog post. He said in July that the feature is only available for iOS and Android apps.

The company also offers a tool that automatically deletes content from your 3, 18 or 36 month search history.

Google brings the feature to Android

On the other hand, the company has released the second version of the Android 13 developer preview, which includes an important new feature that requires apps to ask for your permission to send notifications.

iOS has had a similar feature for years, and it's a useful way to make sure only certain apps send you notifications.

According to the company's blog, it appears that Android 13 apps need to ask for permission. Apps targeting Android 13 must now first deliver notifications by requesting notification permissions from the user, Dave Burke, Vice President of Android Engineering, said in a blog post.

There is also support for audio over Bluetooth Low Energy, a new standard that uses an audio codec called LC3, which can transmit at lower bit rates but with better quality.

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