Facebook blocks RT and Sputnik websites in Europe
Facebook blocks RT and Sputnik websites in Europe

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced an EU-wide ban on Russian state media broadcasters Radio Today and Sputnik.

Andy Stone, a Meta spokesperson, said the change means the EU's RT and Sputnik pages will no longer be visible on Facebook and Instagram.

"We have received requests from several governments and the European Union to take further action against Russian state-controlled media," tweeted Nick Clegg, the company's new head of global affairs. The process of accessing Restrict RT and Sputnik across the EU. Meta continues to work closely with the government on this matter.

The change marks Meta's latest move in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with Clegg saying the company has limited access to multiple accounts in Ukraine. Including those linked to some Russian state news agencies.

The new measure expands by restricting access to two of the EU's most important ports.

The company also banned Russian state media from advertising on the platform. He shut down a Russian disinformation network that was spreading false information about intrusion.

However, Russia has partially blocked access to Facebook, and Clegg said Russia is restricting the platform. Russia also blocked access to Twitter.

Facebook's latest response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Russia's state-run media activity on social media platforms has become a contentious issue for major tech companies during the country's invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow says is an unusual operation.

Meta, Microsoft, Google and YouTube have taken measures in recent days to prevent Russian state media from monetizing ads on their platforms. Twitter banned RT and Sputnik from advertising on its site in 2017.

Twitter said it is categorizing and restricting tweets that contain content from Russian state media. This is an extension of the government media account rating policy.

The European Union announced a ban on Russian state television and Sputnik news agency. Air Canada has also discontinued the RT service.

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