Instagram has stopped supporting the IGTV app
Instagram has stopped supporting the IGTV app

Instagram has announced it is ending support for the standalone IGTV app, which Meta has confirmed will be removed from the App Store in mid-March.

The company explained in a blog post that the change is part of its efforts to make videos easier and easier to discover and create.

Instagram said it is now focusing on including all videos in its main app. He explained that he will continue to simplify and improve the video in its main application in the coming months.

The new announcement comes as Instagram dropped its IGTV trademark last October when it combined long-form IGTV videos and Instagram feed videos in a new format called Instagram Videos. The platform announced at the time that the IGTV app would not go away but would be renamed.

The company also announced that it will no longer support streaming video ads (formerly known as IGTV ads) because they are focused on reels.

Instagram said that content creators who actively invest in in-app video ads will receive a temporary monthly payment based on recent earnings.

Although it seems like a step backwards for content creators in terms of monetization. However, the platform said it is exploring ways in which more users can earn.

Later this year, the company will begin testing out a new Instagram ad experience. This allows users to monetize the ads served by Reels. A new monetization option joins the Reels Rewards program, which offers content creators the opportunity to earn money every month.

Instagram wants to simplify videos

As part of the announcement, the company reiterated its focus on roles. The company has determined that Reels remains the largest contributor to app sharing growth, and plans to continue investing in this feature.

The company says that videos are a big reason people love Instagram. We love the way the creator community expresses itself, collaborates with others, and communicates with subscribers. Reels are still an important part of Instagram and we're excited to invest more in the format.

The decision to shut down the independent IGTV app comes after it lost ground as a standalone product. In early 2020, the platform removed the orange IGTV button from the app's homepage.

The move comes after the standalone IGTV app has been downloaded 7 million times by more than 1 billion Instagram users.

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