Google: Chrome on Mac is better than Safari
Google: Chrome on Mac is better than Safari

Google is supposed to release version 100 of its Chrome browser in the next few weeks, but even after all this time, the browser still has room for improvement.

According to Google, Chrome 99 is significantly faster on macOS and Android, and a particularly big improvement on the Mac.

Although browser manufacturers rely on Chromium to build their browsers (as well as Mozilla's Firefox and Safari-based WebKit). However, this does not mean that individual development teams have stopped thinking about how to speed up the user experience.

The company says: Chrome version 99 on macOS scored 300 points on the tacho scale on the MacBook Pro using the M1 Max processor, which was originally developed by Apple's WebKit team.

The search giant notes that this is the fastest performance of any browser. With build optimization techniques focused on speed and improved graphics, Chrome is said to be 7% faster overall and 15% faster at graphics than Safari.

The search giant added that Chrome is 43% faster than it was when the first Macs with M1 processors were launched in late 2020.

Google: Chrome on macOS is now faster than Safari

One of the biggest improvements will come in late 2021 when Google releases a new JavaScript compiler. The new compiler brings particularly powerful capabilities to Apple processors.

Android users should also see a performance upgrade. Chrome on Google Mobile OS is 15% faster (aggregated data than real world).

This is due to the improved navigation that prioritizes important browsing moments in the browser UI feed.

Increasing the speed of Chrome can help boost the competition between Google and Apple. Both companies have changed the browser icon to attract users.

Every day, billions of people around the world use Chrome to get work done quickly on their devices. That's why we focused on building the fastest browser since our launch in 2008. Functionality and safety are not affected by this.

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