GOLDFOX All-in-One International Power Adapter with 3 USB
GOLDFOX All-in-One International Power Adapter with 3 USB

GOLDFOX Universal Travel Adapter, All-in-One International Power Adapter with 3 USB and 1 Type-C Ports, European Adapter, Universal Power Plug Adapter for Europe, UK, USA, Australia, Asia (Blue)

Delivery to the UK

UK Plug to International Travel Plug Adapter for UK, Ireland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, UAE, Bhutan, Maldives, Brunei, Cyprus, Kenya, Dominica, Ghana, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Anglia, Tanzania, Uganda, Wales, Yemen, Zimbabwe etc.

EU plug

EU travel charger plug for Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, South Korea, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Hungary, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Iceland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey, Slovenia, Sweden, etc.

American plug

Universal US Plug with All-in-One Travel Adapter for USA, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, American Samoa, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Jamaica, Bahamas, Bolivia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Vietnam, Guam, Haiti, Honduras, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Niger, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, etc.

Australian ingredients

AUS Plug to Worldwide Travel Plug Adaptor for Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Cook Islands, East Timor and more.

  • 【Built-in Self-Resetting Fuse】This upgraded universal power supply has a built-in self-resetting fuse. When the voltage exceeds 6.0A/1500W, the international travel adapter fuse will be automatically disconnected and reconnected after returning to normal, avoiding overload or short circuit.
  • 【All-in-One Universal Plug Adapter】 This international plug adapter features 4 standard power outlets (USA, AU, UK, EU) and has excellent compatibility with more than 150 countries. This is a highly recommended on-the-go power adapter! No need to carry different adapters when traveling.
  • 【Charge 5 Devices Simultaneously】This universal power adapter can connect 5 devices simultaneously via 1 Type-C port, 3 USB ports and 1 power port. The built-in smart IC chip intelligently recognizes and customizes the ideal charging current for each device, and chooses the fastest and safest charging method for various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and Bluetooth speakers.
  • 【Safety Certification】 This universal power adapter is FCC CE ROHS certified and made of high quality fireproof and high temperature ABS material. Equipped with a child lock, a plug-in locking mechanism and built-in safety latches, it protects your device from external shocks and short circuits while charging. Note: This is a power adapter, not a power adapter. If you connect it to a 120V outlet, you will get a 120V output. If you plug it into a 240V socket, the output will get 240V.
  • 【Easy Operation】 UK/USA/Australia/Europe and Asia international power supply, convenient for one-handed operation. Easy-to-use safety pin locking mechanism to switch between adapter modes. The adapter has a thumb-sized button that you can press to extend and retract the screws that plug into the socket. The unique and elegant design is also the perfect gift for travelers.

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