Google lets you type answers during a call
Google lets you type answers during a call

Google is rolling out a number of new features for its Pixel devices, including the ability to write and speak during calls.

These updates will be rolled out across all Pixel devices, from the current Pixel 3a to the Pixel 5a 5G. Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro devices will receive the update later this month.

According to Google, the most important innovation is for people who can't or don't want to make phone calls.

When you're on the phone, you can see comments on what the other person said during the call, and you can repeat the responses that were read on the other end of the line.

You can choose to write a custom message or choose a ready response. The new update is an extension of Google's Live Subtitles feature, which automatically delivers subtitles to your device.

The update also includes a night vision mode for Snapchat. The new mode aims to make it easier to take sharp photos and videos in low-light conditions without flash.

The search giant also announced that the Direct My Call and Wait Time features, which were previously only available on Pixel 6 phones, will now arrive on the Pixel 3a and later.

The direct dial feature shows what the answering machine is saying and the menu options to choose when using the automatic menu to call a business.

Instead of listening and trying to memorize the many options on offer, Google Assistant translates automated messages for you. On the other hand, Hold Time feature shows the expected time to reach someone on a free call.

Google brings more features to its devices

After its launch on the Galaxy S22 last month, Google Duo's Shared and Live Share features are now available on Pixel devices as well.

The new feature aims to make it easier to communicate with friends and family via video calls. You can also use it to do things like host YouTube presentation groups or share apps.

In addition, Gboard now offers stickers with custom text if your language is set to American English.

As you type in the messaging app, Gboard can turn your text into colorful stickers designed around your text.

The company also introduced a new small battery widget that displays the latest information about your phone and connected devices like Pixel Buds.

Google Translate is designed to translate face-to-face conversations and supports Spanish, Italian, and French.

The company also announced that the Pixel 6's Recorder app can now convert audio to Italian and Spanish text.

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