Google suggests playing Windows games through Stadia
Google suggests playing Windows games through Stadia

Stadia will soon welcome unmodified PC games as it appears that Google has developed its own solution to run Windows games through Stadia.

The search giant plans to present details about a Windows emulator for Linux at the Game Developer Summit on March 15 next week.

Reddit user discovered a session above showing how to write a Windows emulator for Linux.

This activity includes a session titled How to Write a Windows Emulator for Linux from Scratch. It aims to shed some light on how the company does this.

Moderated by Marcin Ondak of the Game Portal team at Stadia, he promised to detail the technology behind Google's solution for playing unmodified Windows games through Stadia.

The search giant appears to have built its own Windows emulator for Linux to help developers port games to the service without modifying Linux games.

If the emulator runs directly inside Stadia and not just in a test environment, it could open the door for more games coming to Stadia in the future.

When Google Stadia first launched three years ago, all servers running the service were running Linux.

This means that game developers need to port their games to Stadia. The search giant has partnered with Unreal, Unity, and even brokers like Havok. But there are still some challenges for the developers to bring the game to Stadia.

Now it looks like the company has created a solution to get rid of this difficulty and make Windows games work without any modifications.

Google mentions an emulator here. But it is possible that the company has created a compatibility layer that is able to run Windows applications without emulating them directly and without experiencing performance issues.

Google could use something like Proton

Valve has created its own Proton compatibility layer which allows Windows games to be run on Linux using a modified version of Wine.

Proton is now helping to improve the Steam platform experience by porting Microsoft's Direct3D graphics API to Vulkan.

It also includes an in-depth look at Google about the technical aspects of its technology and how programmers build their emulators.

Google isn't the only company looking to bring unmodified Windows games to its game streaming service. Amazon Luna game streaming service is currently supported on Windows. However, the company is trying to hire experienced developers to work with Proton.

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