GOODTS D012-01 Night Vision 720P Dashboard Camera with 2.36inch Screen
GOODTS D012-01 Night Vision 720P Dashboard Camera with 2.36inch Screen

GOODTS Front and Rear Dual Camera, Hidden Night Vision 1080P Car Camera, 720P Dash Cam with 2.36 Inch Screen, 170 Degree Wide Angle Screen, Loop Recording

GOODTS specializes in the production and development of the latest dual dashboard cameras.

Dual auto dashboard cam provides better performance and high stability with smooth loop recording. It is also equipped with G-sensor, parking monitoring, motion detection and emergency collision detection, which can provide strong evidence of the vehicle accident conflict situation.

Stable and reliable performance: The standby driving recorder adopts advanced CPU, powerful sensor, 6 glass lenses and high temperature resistant bracket with stable performance, and the advanced car camera has a longer service life than other similar recorders.

Clear and Smooth Images: Goodt dash cam features FHD 1080 PD resolution and 720p HD backgrounds to ensure every detail captured is blurry.

Heat resistance: The built-in super condenser protects the dash cam from bad weather and prevents it from exploding. Withstands extreme temperatures (operating temperature -4 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Customer Oriented Principle We consider every detail in every way, you are welcome to use our products and enjoy a wonderful journey. You are not only my client but also my friend. A brand you can trust.

All we do is protect you while you're driving

1. GOODTS car camera uses high-quality and cost-effective 6-lens wide-angle lens, which not only records videos better than other dash cams, but also records Ultra HD Full HD videos. When driving at high speed, the video is stable and clear.

2. Equipped with an industry-leading high-sensitivity image sensor and a 170 degree F1.8 viewing angle, the dashboard camera provides you with excellent image quality in all weather conditions.

Loop recording and sensors

The car's built-in dashboard camera G-sensor (G-sensor) captures evidence of an accident, and when the car's dashboard camera detects a collision with your vehicle, it automatically switches to the video surrounding the accident.

Repeat recording New recordings automatically overwrite old recordings when the memory card becomes full.

Repeated recording of the front and rear cameras records videos in 1/3/5 minute clips.

hidden car camera

Small, stable and discreet, your best driving companion

The low-profile design does not block your view, making driving safer and more focused. Other recorders can affect your vision while driving and can be easily distracted.

front and rear driving recorder

GOODTS front camera covers the front view of the car, providing excellent protection and safety on the road. Monitor the road condition in front and behind the vehicle at the same time.

The dash cam is equipped with an Ultra HD 1080P front and 720p rear FHD dash cam to ensure that

Fantastic night vision

With 6 glass lenses and a wide dynamic range, the camera captures clear videos and still photos even in low-light conditions at night.

170 degree wide angle

The front and rear driving recorders use a wide-angle 170-degree lens that can record roadblocks and capture license plates day or night.

24 hour parking monitoring

When the car dashboard camera detects a strong impact, it will automatically turn on and record a short video to provide evidence, and then turn off automatically.

The dashcam car parking monitoring mode provides 24-hour protection for your vehicle.

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