Apple hires Hollywood directors for eyewear content
Apple hires Hollywood directors for eyewear content

Nearly 15 years after the iPhone revolution began, Apple is putting together the parts it hopes will be its next transformative device, glasses that will fuse the digital and physical worlds.

According to the New York Times, Apple is working with Hollywood executives to create content for the upcoming augmented and virtual reality glasses.

Jon Favreau is said to be just one of the co-directors tasked with delivering a mixed reality experience based on a prehistoric planet for the dinosaur-infested Apple TV Plus series.

But we may not be able to indulge in the Jura scene any time soon. As previously reported by Bloomberg, the New York Times said that Apple's glasses may not be released until 2023 due to battery life and performance issues.

The newspaper reported that some employees have left the company due to concerns about developing a product that could change the way people interact with each other. These sensitivities grew within the company as the public became more concerned about children's screen time.

Mixed reality hardware isn't likely to be shown at the company's annual global developer conference as Apple focuses on the software side.

During the meeting, Apple plans to roll out software tools that will allow apps to add new camera and audio capabilities. This paves the way for a hands-free interface that allows customers to navigate using the headset.

Apple sees its first glasses as the next flagship

Apple has not yet confirmed the existence of the headphones. But the device will likely be able to offer an immersive virtual reality experience, as well as a virtual overlay designed to feel like it's part of the real world.

Numerous leaks and rumors have brought us an almost complete showcase, from the limitless looks to the Mac-level processing power.

However, there are indications that the company may be preparing for an official unveiling of the device, although that may not happen at WWDC.

The RealityOS name appears in the laptop's brand file, which can be the operating system your headset is using. It was also reported last month that the company's board of directors was testing mixed reality goggles.

The highly anticipated headset prompted Apple to enter a new race to determine the future of mixed reality. Microsoft, Google, and Meta are in various stages of software and hardware development. It aims to create environments where 3D digital images and the physical world coexist.

The company's development of virtual reality content and software tools is fundamental to creating experiences that secure the future of headphones.

The latest big new product, the Apple Watch, has just launched with nearly 3,000 apps. But the apps, tech critics say, rarely make sense for long.

Similar flaws emerged in the Meta VR headset, which sold more than 10 million units last year and is seen by many as a gaming device.

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