Google brings new features to Gboard
Google brings new features to Gboard

Google has announced several new features for Android phones, including Gboard keyboard stickers, Google Play points, and accessibility app updates.

Notably, the company is introducing custom text stickers to all Android devices after its initial launch on Pixel phones in March.

You can now turn text into custom stickers as you type. The company said users can type what they want to say and then choose a design to share their message.

New custom text stickers will be available soon for US users who type in English.

The company has also launched a new summer emoji cooking suite with more than 1,600 to help users express themselves by creating new hybrid emojis.

You can use this feature by tapping on an emoji or two on your post and seeing which mixed apps you can turn into stickers. The result is a bunch of fun and funky emojis.

Google is also working on improving background noise cancellation in the Sound Amplifier app designed for people with hearing impairments.

The app uses your phone to amplify and filter important sounds around you. With the new update, the app offers faster and more accurate audio, as well as an overhauled user interface, which the company says is easier to use.

There are also new updates to the Lookout app designed for the visually impaired or blind. The app uses your phone's camera to provide information about the world around you.

Lookout is getting a new image mode that uses Google's latest machine learning models to allow users to hear image descriptions.

Google Extension to customize Gboard text stickers

The company has also updated the app's text mode, document mode, grocery label mode, and exploration mode to make Lookout more accurate. The app now works offline, no WiFi or data service required.

"We've got a bunch of updates to make your phone as special as you do," says the Android Product Manager. From more expressive ways to message your friends to subtle and subtle upgrades in entertainment and accessibility, we make sure every interaction with your Android device is more rewarding than the last. These updates give Android new ways to help you connect with others and the world around you.

Users with Google Play credits can now use them to get in-app items without leaving the game or app.

You can pay the full purchase price with Google Play Points or split it between Google Play Points and other payment methods. The new update will be rolling out in countries where Google Play credit is available in the coming weeks.

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