Twitter is testing purchase reminders for upcoming products
Twitter is testing purchase reminders for upcoming products

Twitter is putting more emphasis on e-commerce features with its new Shopping feature. Weibo has begun testing a new feature called Product Drop, which will alert users to upcoming cross-platform features.

Twitter says: When a retailer tweets about an upcoming launch, interested buyers see a callback button at the bottom of the tweet and can request a one-click callback through Product Drops. Interested buyers will receive an in-app notification under the Notifications tab on the day the product is released, the day the product arrives, 15 minutes before the delivery time. When they click on the notification, they see the buy button on the website to purchase items through the retailer's website.

To make the overall shopping experience faster and easier, the platform displays a product detail page with all the information related to the product.

This includes prices, images, product descriptions, and a clickable tab that shows buyers what other buyers are saying about the product on Twitter. This page is also displayed before the buyer clicks the recall button to request a refund.

The company says the idea behind the Product Drop feature is to put shoppers at the center of launches of the products that matter most to them and allow merchants to interact with shoppers in a variety of ways.

Tweets about upcoming products work like any other tweets on the platform and can be liked, retweeted, bookmarked and shared.

In terms of usability, the platform said it is testing the feature for US buyers using English Twitter on iOS.

Twitter is testing a new shopping feature for Product Drops

The company is also working with some brands to do the same. The list includes Dior, Fossil x Jeff Staples, Home Depot, Lego, and United Los Angeles.

The company is expected to expand the availability of this feature to additional geographies. And more American brands

He stated that Product Drops isn't the only ecommerce-focused feature that Twitter has recently tested.

In March, the company launched a feature called Twitter Stores. This feature allows merchants to select up to 50 products to display to shoppers on the platform.

The feature also includes a View Store button that directs interested shoppers to the retail store for a variety of products to purchase.

Product drops on Twitter are similar to tools on other platforms such as Instagram. Brand Instagram offers previews of upcoming products and customers can set reminders.

Twitter is not as focused on e-commerce as Instagram, where hashtags are entirely devoted to shopping. But buyers are taking to Twitter to discuss upcoming releases.

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