Microsoft makes the new Bing chatbot available to everyone immediately

Microsoft decided to make the search engine's intelligent chatbot (the new Bing) available to more users without having to put themselves in a waiting list.

The Bing engine gained popularity for the first time in years after Microsoft integrated an AI-powered chat feature last month.

The US tech giant was initially cautious about the speed of availability of a new ChatGPT chatbot from AI firm OpenAI Bing.

Now it appears that OpenAI's biggest investor, Microsoft, has drawn the line for Bing's new line, giving everyone instant access to the chat feature.

News monitor Microsoft Windows Central, who first reported the queue increase, says users won't have to wait much longer to try out the new Bing.

TechCrunch tested this with a few email IDs (both new and old), all of which can be accessed almost instantly.

While the new Bing engine page still displays the typical join queue button, users can register and access it immediately.

Microsoft makes the new Bing chatbot available to everyone immediately

The company didn't say if it would delete the queue entirely, but said in a statement that it is conducting various experiments to attract more users.

A Microsoft spokesperson said: “During this preview period, we're running several tests that could speed up access to the new Bing for some users. We're still in preview and you can sign in to

In particular, Microsoft is in a race against time to integrate AI-powered chatbots into its many services. Last month, it added a GPT-4 bot to the Windows 11 taskbar. Earlier this week, the stable version of the Edge browser received chatbot functionality.

OpenAI's artificial intelligence has proven to be a huge success for Bing, which recently reported 100 million daily active users. This is to be expected given the hype surrounding chatbots and how they attract tens of millions of users wanting to give them a try.

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