How to enable battery saver mode in Telegram

If your phone's battery is low, you should disable some apps that can drain the battery, for example b.: Telegram and other messaging apps and games. But now, with Telegram's new battery saving mode, you can continue to use the app while disabling many unnecessary features to keep you connected for longer.

How to enable battery saver mode in Telegram:

1- What is Telegram's battery saver mode?

Last week, Telegram announced a new update for the Telegram app that brings a number of new features including: Battery Saver.

Power saving mode helps reduce power consumption and improve the performance of older devices. When enabled, some app animations are automatically disabled, which reduces power consumption.

You can customize the effect of disabling the application. Example: You can disable the video autoplay feature while keeping the sticker animation feature enabled. You can also set the battery percentage at which you want battery saving mode to automatically turn on when your phone runs out of battery.

iPhone users can also restrict background updates through power saving settings, which Telegram says isn't recommended because it will cause "Updating..." to appear more often on Telegram than usual.

2- How to activate the power saving mode:

To enable battery saving mode, you need to update the Telegram app to the latest version. Android phone and tablet users can download the latest version of the Telegram app from the Google Play Store, iPhone users can also download it from the App Store, and other devices can download it from the service website.

After updating the application, do the following:

  1. Open the Telegram app and go to Settings.
  2. Click on Power Saving Options.
  3. Use the power saver slider to select the percentage of battery power at which you want to enable power saving mode.
  4. Select the effects you want to turn off when battery saver mode is on by dragging the button next to each effect.

Whether you're using Telegram on an older device or just want to save battery, Battery Saver can help. This extends the battery life of your device, especially if you have an older phone, and also improves the performance of the Telegram app, making it faster and smoother.

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