Meta launches new AI editing tool

Meta brings new AI-powered creative tools to Facebook and Instagram.

These new creative tools allow users to edit photos and create high-quality videos using text descriptions.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the new features are based on the company's founding image generation model, Emu.

The first tool, called Emu Edit, allows users to edit and precisely edit photos and videos based on text input.

The tool is similar to existing tools from Adobe, Google, and Canva, giving users the ability to remove or replace objects and people from photos without having to have professional photo editing experience.

The tool does not require users to manually select which parts of the image they want to edit. The Meta notes that Emu Edit focuses exclusively on edits related to change requests.

The second tool, called Emu Video, can create four-second videos based on text prompts or reference images.

The new tool is an evolution of the original Emu model, which generates images based on text prompts.

Emu supports generative AI, some of Instagram's AI photo editing tools (which allow users to take a photo and change its visual style or background), and Meta AI's Imagine feature (which allows users to create photorealistic images directly within it). Group messages or chats in app profile groups.

It's not yet clear when users can expect these new editing features to appear on Facebook and Instagram, or if the news is related to the AI-powered content creation tools that Meta touted last year.

Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT late last year, companies and organizations have ventured into the emerging generative AI market over the past year to gain cutting-edge capabilities and commercially improve their operations.

The social media giant has made rapid progress in the field of artificial intelligence, and the technology has become an essential part of its competition with other giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

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