OpenAI plans to bring ChatGPT to the classroom

According to Reuters, OpenAI is currently studying how to integrate its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, into classrooms.

OpenAI's AI products initially raised concerns about widespread homework cheating.

“The company is assembling a team to explore the use of this technology in education,” said Brad Lightcap, chief operating officer of OpenAI, which threatens to revolutionize the industry, trigger new laws and become a popular educational tool.

“Most teachers are trying to find ways to integrate ChatGPT into their courses and teaching,” Lightcap added. “At OpenAI, we are working hard to help them think about this, and perhaps next year we will put together a team whose sole focus will be exploring educational uses for this technology.”

In November last year, OpenAI launched its chatbot ChatGPT with multi-billion-dollar backing from Microsoft, sparking hype around generative AI.

Generative AI can create entirely new content; It can help users prepare research papers, complete academic assignments, or even write entire novels.

After ChatGPT was launched, regulatory bodies quickly followed suit; The European Union has revised its AI law and the United States has also begun efforts to regulate AI.

The introduction of ChatGPT in the middle of the school year also caught teachers by surprise when they realized that students could use it as a cheating and plagiarism tool, sparking a backlash that led to it being banned in schools.

That changed within a few months. Educators are starting to see the benefit of ChatGPT. The new OpenAI team is an extension of the company's efforts to bring its technology into classrooms.

A company spokesperson said: “We believe that artificial intelligence is a powerful teaching and learning tool, and we are encouraged by the way educators are thinking about the benefits of these tools.”

He added: “We communicate with teachers to explain the capabilities of ChatGPT and our work on continuous improvement, making them aware of the potential benefits and harms of artificial intelligence and giving them an idea of how to use it in their classrooms.” ".

OpenAI is working with educational groups like Khan Academy to create an AI mentor and with the Schmidt Futures philanthropic program to provide grants to educational groups in underserved communities.

Research firm HolonIQ estimates that global spending on education and training will reach $10 trillion by 2030.

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