Audi is expanding its voice assistant to include ChatGPT

Audi is adding ChatGPT integration via the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service to improve in-car voice control capabilities for current and future models.

The German company announced that it will integrate ChatGPT into its infotainment systems starting next month.

Owners of about 2 million cars that the German company will produce from 2021 will benefit from ChatGPT, provided that they are equipped with the standard third-generation MIB 3 infotainment system.

New and future vehicles such as the Q6 e-tron will receive ChatGPT as a complement to the car's voice assistant.

Audi said the basis of the new feature is Cerence's Chat Pro solution, the result of a collaboration between the company and Microsoft in January 2024.

As before, Audi drivers can operate the infotainment, navigation and climate systems via advanced voice control, ask reasonable questions and receive answers from ChatGPT.

The brand claims that the ability to request information in natural language makes driving safer because we never have to take our eyes off the road.

If Audi Assistant cannot answer the question itself, it forwards the request to ChatGPT.

The overall experience is seamless thanks to the integration with Audi Assistant.

To ensure confidentiality, all questions and answers are deleted from the vehicle after processing and ChatGPT never has access to the vehicle's data.

OpenAI can save your queries for itself, and Audi promises that in the future you'll be able to ask questions about your car, such as the correct tire pressure.

“By seamlessly integrating the ChatGPT AI chatbot with voice control, we have combined the benefits of both applications as well as a range of voice control functions for customers,” said Markus Keith, Vice President of Interior Design, Infotainment and Connectivity Development at Audi. They also benefit greatly from the fact that they can now easily and securely access AI-based insights. “This is the next step towards a premium interior experience for Audi.”

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