Solos launches data glasses using the GPT-4o model

Solos has announced its latest smart glasses, AirGo Vision, the first to feature OpenAI's new large language model GPT-4o and generative AI that analyzes visual input.

The company says that AirGo Vision does not rely on services like Google Lens on your phone to search for content, but instead provides real-time information based on visual input, such as: b. Recognize people, objects, or points and landmarks (similar to Ray-Ban data glasses). Or on foot. In, to check the price of something, etc.

The wearer can take hands-free photos to request information. For example, checking the next step in a recipe or asking where to purchase an item.

Glasses can answer several questions at the same time. An example search from a Solos News ad is: “What am I looking for and how much does it cost?” Are there better prices elsewhere?

The AirGo Vision has interchangeable frames, so you can decide whether you want smart glasses with or without a front-facing camera.

The built-in LED notification light sends you a separate flash to let you know there's an alert. Visual alerts can be useful in noisy environments where notifications may be missed, as well as quiet environments where people turn notifications off, and can also be useful for users with hearing problems, Solos said.

AirGo Vision isn't Solos's first foray into the world of AI-powered smart glasses.

The company introduced the Solos AirGo3 smart glasses with ChatGPT at CES 2024.

The AirGo3 lets you talk to ChatGPT, while the AirGo Vision glasses let you use visual input to find information.

The company will launch AirGo Vision later this year and plans to launch three types of LED frames in July.

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