Apple plans to add a camera to AirPods

According to well-known company analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is adding cameras to its wireless AirPods.

The company plans to launch AirPods with an infrared (IR) camera, similar to that used in the iPhone's Face ID technology.

Apple is expected to begin mass production of the new AirPods with cameras in 2026. Apple's traditional partner Foxconn will be the supplier of these cameras. However, it is unclear whether the camera will be available in a Pro version, a standard version, or all versions.

Foxconn's annual production capacity is about 18 to 20 million units, or 2 speakers for every 10 million units, and actual demand for cameras will depend on market conditions, the analyst said.

Previous reports indicated that Apple is working on launching two new models of fourth-generation AirPods headphones this year, and that an improved version of the Pro version will not arrive until 2025.

Kuo said there are several reasons for Apple to provide cameras for its wireless earbuds, including using them with Vision Pro glasses and other similar future products to improve the spatial audio experience.

For example: When you watch a video with Vision Pro glasses while wearing your new AirPods, the earbuds will amplify sound sources in the direction of the user's head movement to improve the spatial audio experience.

New headphones equipped with infrared cameras could also allow users to use new gestures, such as “in-air gesture control to improve human-machine interaction,” an area for which Apple has filed a patent.

Apple recently announced new head gestures to control the AirPods Pro earbuds, allowing users to interact with Siri by simply shaking their heads or moving their heads sideways to multitask, e.g. B. Interact with messages, manage notifications, and answer calls without having to do so. To interact with Siri for voice interaction.

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