Apple plans to equip Vision Pro glasses with artificial intelligence

Apple announced weak sales of its Vision Pro mixed reality glasses, which introduced a number of new changes, including adding Apple Intelligence technology to the glasses that it introduced earlier this year, but they failed to achieve the expected commercial success.

Bloomberg reported that Apple may not bring AI features to glasses this year, but did not provide a specific release date.

This is an expected step from Apple. This is because the Vision Pro is the most expensive portable offering that the company offers to the public.

On the other hand, the company is making some changes to its stores to increase Vision Pro sales, including allowing store visitors to view their photos and videos via the demo unit of Vision Pro glasses.

The company believes that displaying personalized content through the glasses can help convince hesitant shoppers, and is currently working on implementing the changes that will officially launch in the company's stores on July 9.

The company will offer dual headbands instead of the previous ones, making it comfortable enough to try on. However, this raises the question of why it took Apple several months after introducing the glasses to discover this fundamental flaw.

The report notes that Apple Stores will allow customers to try on the glasses for an extended period of time in certain regions.

It is worth noting that the company recently launched its glasses in several countries outside the United States, including China, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong.

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