ClickShare meetings fundamentally change the meeting experience
ClickShare meetings fundamentally change the meeting experience

Global technology company Barco launched its flagship product, ClickShare, to enhance the business meeting experience.

This first technology enables companies to participate in conference calls during group meetings and conversations because employees can use their preferred telephone system without having to compromise on quality, safety or communication fluid.

Companies today tend to give their employees more flexibility. According to Parco Research, 71% of employees choose the system they want to use for remote meetings, and each company uses an average of six different conference solutions.

However, increasing flexibility in this area is a major challenge, as many people fear that using multiple systems at the same time may lead to security vulnerabilities, and many companies face the complexity caused by these problems. Technical difficulties.

ClickShare Conference meets the company's needs and can be used on multiple platforms. Hence, it provides a qualitative choice in the technology sharing market. Telepresence ", which makes it easy for users to communicate with the company and other participants in the meeting, with each company insisting on its policies and plans without making any changes.

ClickShare Button technology not only ensures safe data management in all cases, but also allows users to use the tools and applications they know and want to use on their laptops.

“Generations and generations under the age of 25 have an increasing share of supporters, and this skilled worker wants technology to be more flexible, accessible and enable to work personally or remotely. ClickShare can do the same experience for all kinds of meetings a modern office environment, and in This state users can bring their own devices and use any service to join the meeting remotely in less than 7 seconds, which is much less time compared to the set time, more than 7 minutes per hour during the meeting.

Levine added: “Seven years ago, we invented the Wireless Display category by launching the original ClickShare product, then we developed innovations to maintain our market leadership. The solution will enable them to do so while the videoconferencing methodology overcomes some of the challenges it poses regarding With user experience, system improvement, and security, we believe this will fundamentally change the structure of the various departments and lose our patience to see how our customers benefit from this.

The new ClickShare conference suite includes 3 different models, the base model "CX-20", the model "CX-30" and the extended model "CX-50".

The CX-20 is designed for small conference rooms and provides essential functions for wireless and conference cooperation. CX-30 is suitable for standard conference rooms and provides a number of interactive functions such as touch control, conference management, and use of the board and annotations.

The CX-50 advanced model is suitable for large conference rooms, and offers a unique audiovisual collaboration experience, excellent picture and sound quality, and an excellent opportunity to integrate into existing IT and audiovisual environments.

The group supports the modern technology of the ClickShare conference button, which has a USB extension in the meeting room instantly on participant's laptops.

As part of product chain development, ClickShare Collaboration also adds a number of new functions for collaboration and interaction.

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