OOSSXX 1080P Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 2020

OOSSXX 1080P Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 2020

  • The wireless system supports up to eight cameras, so it's space
  • The observation is great. This product is suitable for various occasions like home, in the office, in the workshop, in the restaurant, etc.
  • Every corner of the house can also be monitored at night with waterproof cameras.
  • With the mobile app, you can view everything in your home remotely anytime, anywhere.
  • When the thief enters the house, the system automatically sends a warning to your mailbox.
  • Our store offers many other accessories (antenna extension, camera extension, wifi extension, etc.).
  • The product supports wired and wireless operation and customers can purchase network cable settings.

IP-67 waterproof camera

  • All OOSSXX safety systems are equipped with robust IP 66 metal cameras designed for harsh environmental conditions.
  • Protection grade IP-67 is suitable for devices that are effectively protected against dust and moisture and withstand wind, rain and other extreme conditions.
  • The exceptional design quality of each camera helps ensure the reliability of our long-term surveillance system, which is at the forefront of security solutions for consumers, both commercial and private.

Observe day and night

  • The weatherproof metal camera IP-67 features a wide viewing angle of 3.6 mm and an angle of view of up to 70 degrees, as well as an IR-LED night vision system with a triple matrix, which provides excellent clarity at a distance of 60 feet.
  • The camera's infrared mode is automatically activated in low-light conditions, so you can control everything clearly even at night.
  • Every hacker who regrets over the OOSSXX video security system is notified of all actions and registered in clear details.

OOSSXX 1080P Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 2020
OOSSXX 1080P Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 2020

Easy to install

  • The product supports both wired and wireless dual modes
  • Wireless refers to the wireless NVR connected to the camera. Simply install the camera, plug the adapter and start.
  • The connection between the NVR and the camera was established over the Internet. This makes installing the product very easy. Customers can purchase network cable settings.
  • The camera is supplied without a battery. Therefore, the power plug of each camera must be connected to a nearby socket.

OOSSXX 1080P Outdoor Wireless Security Camera 2020 Technical index
  • The easy-to-configure 1080P NVR has a built-in 10-inch LCD screen that automatically zooms in to wireless cameras. Simply connect the camera to NVR online. The camera does not have a battery. Each camera must be connected to a nearby port. Plug and play settings. Beginners can install in minutes. Suitable for home, office, business, hotel etc.
  • Night vision and waterproof cameras are durable metal cameras that can work in harsh environments. Whether it's sunny or rainy, you can set up waterproof cameras indoors and out. So it protects your home around the clock, regardless of weather. The camera has an infrared cutoff filter with automatic switching function which is also visible at night.
  • Applications and remote screen Download the free "Eseecloud" application from the application store to your smartphone. With the help of the Internet, you can watch TV from anywhere on your phone (iOS and Android), PC or tablet.
  • The motion detection and email alert system supports motion detection recording, instant email alerts, etc. This records all motion detection and email notifications instantly to your smartphone. We can adjust the detection area in the detection area to reduce false alarms.
  • Service We offer one year warranty including free spare parts and lifelong technical support: Email to service@oossxx.com within 24 hours. Or call: +1 (352) 900-4656 (Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET), with a 10-foot antenna and a free extension cord. When purchasing accessories, you get a 15% discount.

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