Twitter is taking new steps to protect users from wrong and misleading content
Twitter is taking new steps to protect users from wrong and misleading content

Twitter said on Tuesday: Although the social media platform is preparing for an attack that could lead to a lot of misinformation before the 2020 US presidential election, Twitter will add tweets with tags that contain artificial or fraudulently modified content.

The company also said it will intentionally remove counterfeit content to mislead it, including content that may threaten personal security, public unrest, voter repression, or privacy risks.

Social media companies are under pressure for fake videos (emerging threats). These fake videos are known as "deep forgery". They use artificial intelligence to create surreal but fake videos that target audiences can use to explain what fakes want.

Earlier this week, YouTube (an Alphabet subsidiary) announced that any technical treatment or tampering with content that might be a "serious risk of serious harm" would be removed. tac) - (ByteDance) Chinese - "Misleading Information" was largely blocked last month.

Facebook said last month that it would remove the content (dangerous fake) and some fake videos from the website, but "just delete or change the word order" as well as edit the video, satire satire. The company said: "The new directive does not apply to heavily edited and widely distributed online video clips that cause US House Speaker (Nancy Pelosi) to inconsistently slow her speech, causing lawmakers anger."

Facebook says the videos are marked as errors but will not be deleted from the platform because "deleted videos are simply created using artificial intelligence to represent clips from people who say fake words". ,

As part of the new policy, Twitter will add a "lie" warning to any image or video that has been "greatly modified or manipulated and misleading," but does not distinguish between the techniques used to handle multimedia content.

"Our aim in this policy is to look at the results, not how we achieve them," said Joel Roth, Twitter's chief security officer, and Del Harvey, vice president of corporate confidence and security. Ross said Twitter would be the Pelosi room head. A new warning tag has been applied to the video, but it can be deleted if the Tweet text may damage the content.

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