Apple closes all global stores outside China
Apple closes all global stores outside China

Apple announced today that due to the continued spread of the Corona virus, all companies outside China will be temporarily closed until March 27. This means that Apple stores around the world will be closed within the next two weeks during this time.

"China has informed us that the most effective way to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission is to reduce population density and increase society," said Apple CEO Tim Cook. Customers can see the store closing. Uninstallation, so we closed the Apple Store. ""

The company closed all branches in Italy and Spain, but branches in other countries such as the United States are still open, and the iPhone factory has reopened its branches in China.

"The global spread of the virus affects everyone of us and we focus on the people in our business. We firmly believe that technology can change people's lives and we hope it becomes a valuable tool at this point. I would like to join to thank the operations team and our partners. Efforts to restore health. Supply chain we've got. "

"What we learned together helped us develop best practices that greatly help the global response. One of these lessons is that the most effective way to reduce the risk of virus transmission is to reduce density and increase you social distance. We will do more. With many measures taken to protect our team members and our clients , We will close all stores while continuing to increase the growth rate of new infections elsewhere. Retail outside of China by March 27. "

The company's CEO notes that devices and accessories can be purchased through the Apple website or Apple Store app, and customers who need service and support can use the support website. "We strive to provide our customers with first-class service," Apple says.

The company plans to continue to pay employees hourly while the store is closed, and has expanded its holiday policies to include personal or family health conditions, including illness and care recovery, patient isolation, forced isolation, or parental difficulties caused by emerging coronaviruses.

According to Tim Cook, Apple has donated $ 15 million to the emerging virus to treat patients and reduce the economic and social impact of the epidemic, as with other large companies around the world. The world encourages employees to work from home if their work permits.

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