Apple reopens all stores in China after Corona epidemic
Apple reopens all stores in China after Corona epidemic

A spokesman for Apple said: Apple has been closed for more than a month after the spread of the new Corona virus, and the company will reopen 42 stores of the brand in China on Friday.

Apple China website already lists the opening hours of all stores that open daily from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM local time. The website had previously issued a press release announcing the reopening of the store.

After China imposed travel restrictions in late January and forced residents to avoid public places, Apple announced the closure of its branded businesses in early February. A wonderful annual gift before the first day of the new lunar year. These restrictions remained largely in effect during most of February.

Government data released on Monday showed that the company sold less than 500,000 iPhones in China in February, as the spread of the disease cut the demand for smartphones in half.

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