IPhone 5G may be delayed due to corona virus
IPhone 5G may be delayed due to corona virus

Bank of America released a research report on investment saying that Apple's iPhone 5G phones could be delayed due to the Corona virus epidemic. The bank came to this conclusion after talking to Elliot. Elliot Lan is Apple's supply chain expert.

Apple usually releases new iPhones in September, but experts estimate that the originally planned iPhone 5G (iPhone 5G) for this fall is one month late due to the epidemic.

Experts (Elliot Lan) believe that the release of iPhone SE2 will be delayed for several months due to supply chain problems and weak market demand due to the spread of the Corona virus.

Bank of America analyst wamsi Mohan said in the report that the release of upcoming models will depend on increased production in April and May.

Apple's share price fell 3.8% from the February high. Apple's stock price is estimated to have fallen more than 10%. The main cause of the decline is related to the epidemic, as analysts fear that the epidemic may affect the supply chain. And its sales.

According to Banking Banking (UBS), Apple's risks of reducing demand are increasing in the short term, and the effect may spread outside China, while iPhone Foxconn manufacturer announced earlier this month that it plans to open national factories by the end of March. Normal operation.

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