Apple's upcoming Smart Watch Series 6 supports blood oxygen sensing
Apple's upcoming Smart Watch Series 6 supports blood oxygen sensing

As the tech giant adds features to monitor user health in this release, Apple is developing the next generation of smart watches that include a sensor that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Apple is working to increase the efficiency of smart watches to provide users with better support for health functions. Thus the company is preparing to expand its Series 6 with additional technologies.

The function of the blood oxygen level sensor has been recognized in the updated iOS 14 code, and the new functionality is based on a push notification displaying a healthy notification of the oxygen level, with the oxygen level remaining at a normal level between 95% and 100% while viewing this takes more. In this case, the push notification is triggered if the oxygen content is less than 95%.

In addition, this feature can help users track hypoxia due to anemia, which can cause stroke or heart attack.

The new functionality should emulate Apple's existing ECG feature, which monitors ECG and notifies users when monitoring changes in heart rate.

It should be noted that the leak did not confirm that the function of measuring oxygen in the blood was paid for in the current version of the fifth edition, but the leak indicates that Apple will pay for this functionality in the Series 6 and WatchOS 7 2020 updates.


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