New poster advertising reveals the colors of my P40 and P40 Pro
P40 Pro

This Chinese giant is a new version of the upcoming P40 series, and today my P40 and P40 Pro are appearing on a new poster displaying the colors released this year.

Huawei conference will start in Paris later this month and officially announce the P40 phone. A new poster confirmed that Huawei offers 5 color options from the P40 series.

The new poster comes from YashRaj, where the P40 Pro is available in orange, purple, white and black with a dark green color. The phone also includes five settings on the back camera, as the camera takes up more space on the back of the phone.

Previous leaks confirmed the design of the P40 Pro screen slots with two front cameras, and the phone also released the Kirin 990 processor chip, which supports dual mode 5G networks.

The front camera of the phone is equipped with two 32-megapixel sensors, and the main sensor is located in the 52-megapixel rear camera of the IMX 700 sensor. It also has a camera with a wide-angle sensor, a macro sensor, other telephoto screen and binoculars. Sensor.

The report also says that the main camera supports 16 pixels merging into one larger pixel (with RYYB color), while a telephoto lens supports up to 10x optical zoom.


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