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Canon EOS R5

Canon is preparing to launch the EOS R5 camera with 8K video recording in the coming period. The device is equipped with a full sensor with dual pixel autofocus technology, which can focus and track the eyes of people and animals.

Canon supports the following EOS R5 camera with 8K video recording, which can take up to 20fps, which was confirmed by the company recently in an official statement from Australia.

In a recent press release, Canon decided to fix a previous issue related to the effectiveness of EOS R5 cameras that support 8K video recording, as the company reviewed some of the camera specifications in the release.

Canon renders reveal the camera's auto focus feature, which uses a full-featured sensor to support 8K video at 30fps. Without an endoscope, the resolution and depth of the camera are better than similar cameras.

Canon also confirmed that all EOS R5 8K video recording modes will support CMOS dual pixel autofocus system. In addition, the EOS R5 can detect objects and track animals or people in the scene with the highest performance, which is supported by the auto focus function. The most effective. Follow the eyes of an animal, bird, or person, or follow the face.

Canon reportedly previously confirmed support for the EOS R5, with a mechanical shutter for 12 consecutive pictures and an electronic shutter for 20 fps. Canon New Cloud.


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