Bill Gates resigns after 44 years in office
Bill Gates

Microsoft today announced that Bill Gates, the company's founder, has left the board after 44 years in office.

Microsoft was established in March 1976 as a public company with its founder and CEO Bill Gates at the age of 26. He was 44 years on the company's board of directors, and Bill Gates Gates recently announced his resignation on LinkedIn.

Bill Gates also announced in his recent article on LinkedIn that he will also leave the Berkshire Hathaway Council, headed by his friend Warren Buffett, because Gates has described his plans to focus his efforts on charity, and Bill Gates development today is known to be involved in the Covid-19 campaign.

On the other hand, after Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft, Microsoft achieved an exceptional boom with a market value of $ 1 trillion. Absence may not have much effect.

It should be noted that Bill Gates resigned from his position as Microsoft CEO for 6 years, but he owned a 130% stake in Microsoft with a value of $ 16 billion. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been a charity for nearly 20 years. Gates is charitable to most of his image.


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