Chinese company develops face recognition technology even with masks
Chinese company develops face recognition technology even with masks

A Chinese company said it is the first company in the country to develop facial recognition technology that can recognize a person while wearing a mask. Face recognition technology has recently become very popular due to the crown virus used to prevent this disease.

China uses some of the world's most advanced electronic surveillance systems, including facial recognition technology. However, the new Coronavirus that appeared in Hubei Province at the end of last year required almost everyone outside to wear a medical mask to prevent the virus, making facial recognition difficult.
The Chinese company is also developing face recognition technology with masks

Now Hanwang Technology says: I've developed a technique that people can successfully recognize even when they wear a mask. The Beijing-based company claims that a team of 20 employees has developed technology using basic technology that has been developed over the past decade, a database containing about 6 million masked faces and a smaller database. Camouflaged faces.

The team began researching the technology in January, when the new Corona virus began to circulate and the technology did not reach the market until a month later. The company sells two main products using this technology: The first applies single-channel identification technology, which is preferred by the entrance to office buildings. Another is more powerful, using multi-channel identification system and multiple surveillance cameras.

The Chinese company says the technology is able to identify each of the 30 people "per second." "If you wear a mask, the recognition rate can reach about 95%, ensuring that most people are identified." Without a mask, the detection rate is 99.5%.

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