Leak reveals the design of the upcoming Apple Powerbeats 4 headset
Apple Powerbeats 4 headset

Today, the leak revealed the upcoming design and colors of the speakers, and revealed the multimedia 3D images of the upcoming Apple Powerbeats 4.

The Apple Powerbeats 4 plan shown during the recent leak was released, and today's 3D multimedia images provide a clearer view of the headphone design.

The fourth-generation Powerbeats headphones are similar to the Powerbeats Pro design, but the Powerbeats 4 design uses cables that combine both sides of the headset. The right side of the headphones has volume control buttons, while the left side has a power switch and a PDA.

Predictions indicate that the Powerbeats 4 includes an H1 audio chip, supports up to 15 hours of charge, and has a great design. Powerbeats 4 also supports fast charging technology, which only supports one hour of audio playback after charging the headphones for 5 minutes.

According to the pictures, Powerbeats 4 will be launched in red, black and white. So we are looking for more details about the officially announced appointment.


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