Huawei pays developers more than Apple and Google
Huawei pays developers more than Apple and Google

The Chinese phone maker Huawei is trying to encourage developers to customize their applications through its own application platform (Huawei AppGallery), the third largest app store in the world, despite its distance from the Google Play store and the app store outside the store.

Huawei has market share and smart devices and now needs apps. As the U.S. government ban on Huawei prohibits the use of Google apps, Chinese companies are willing to pay more to developers to develop the Huawei AppGallery Money system.

Huawei initially tries to share profits with app and game developers using a more attractive formula, so this benefit spending is valid for 24 months after developers accept the agreement and if they do, they must be 30 June 2020. How it is shared depends on the type of application.

The preferential guideline for the Huawei AppGallery service contract is divided into two periods, with developers getting 100% of the income (excluding games) resulting from the application in the first year, as game developers get 85% of the income generated in the first year.

In the second year, developers receive 85% of sales through their apps and games (90% for educational applications), they apply standard tariffs after the end of the preferred period, developers receive 70% of these sales, and Huawei receives 30%.

This policy only applies to developers outside of China. However, Apple and Google keep 30% of their sales in their respective app stores.

The Chinese company has reportedly launched a phone without the Google App (Mate 30 Pro), and Huawei appears to be considering getting rid of Google addiction even if the ban imposed by Google on the United States is lifted.

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