Google is working on a new version of Chromecast Ultra
Google is working on a new version of Chromecast Ultra

Google can change the way we use Chromecast as the search giant is currently bringing Android TV, a version of the Android OS for digital media players, to more salons and offering Chromecast and Chromecast Ultra at a price. Sufficient streaming multimedia devices.

Chromecast has been one of the most powerful channels since its launch in 2013, offering an affordable way to stream content directly to the TV without having to buy a smart TV.

According to a new report, Google is currently developing a new version of Chromecast Ultra, but this time (Android TV) will be the OS of the device that is supposed to provide a remote control, similar to its main competitor (Roku). Fire TV) and (Apple TV).

This new device supports Code Sabrina content (4K HDR) and has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The remote includes a microphone and Google Assistant buttons to control content by voice. Remote programming on TV.

Chromecast does not provide customers with built-in mailing lists and applications (such as Netflix) like Roku, but it continues to rely on consumers to stream audio and video from their phones or laptops to Google devices.

These apps quickly added Chromecast support, so the strategy offered many options in addition to simplicity, but it was still difficult for those familiar with the traditional TV interfaces.

Switching to Android TV does not cause job losses. So you can play content on Android TV like Chromecast. Thanks to the wider Android TV experience, Google can better integrate other services like Voice Search and Google Smart Assistant, so users can find something they can see.

In addition to televisions like (Nvidia Shield), many televisions from different companies, including Sony, include Android televisions. Google said that Android TV is now used by more than 160 TV providers. Either way.

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