Huawei assumes that mobile phone sales will drop dramatically
Huawei assumes that mobile phone sales will drop dramatically

Huawei expects annual smartphone sales to drop by about 20% this year due to U.S. sanctions on its operations and the rapid spread of the Corona virus, which will affect China's manufacturing and manufacturing industries. These expectations.

In January, Huawei shared its internal forecast for 2020 with specific executives in the Consumer Electronics division. Deliveries from Huawei fell after nearly double sales in Europe and other overseas markets - a decade of rapid growth.

This decrease is due to the U.S. sanctions that prevent the Chinese company from using Google mobile services.

Despite the sanctions imposed by the United States in May, Huawei was able to increase its shipments of smartphones to more than 240 million units last year, which Apple surpassed for the first time and delivered 198 million phones. After Samsung, the company has developed into the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Huawei smartphone sales were not affected last year as the company continued to sell some older models using Google apps. However, Huawei expects shipments to range between 190 million and 200 million this year, saying it is difficult to predict what will happen. Apple shipped smartphones this year because Corona disrupted iPhone manufacturing.

Expectations indicate that the ban imposed by Huawei on the use of American technology has begun to negatively affect the international growth of this Chinese company, and that the Corona virus epidemic disrupts Huawei's supply chain. To become more stringent in Huawei. Retailers are forced to close or limit operations.

Washington fears that Beijing will use the products of Chinese companies to spy, and is trying to limit Huawei's global expansion. The United States has accused Chinese companies of stealing business secrets.

To continue selling phones worldwide, the Chinese company is trying to persuade application developers to join the Google Mobile Services (GMS) cellular alternative (HMS), and Huawei faces major obstacles in Europe because of the major European telecom companies, the main Google phone is not selling

If a Chinese company launches the next-generation flagship, Huawei P40, later this month, the problem will remain, and Huawei is trying to compensate for the ban on Google apps by increasing its presence in non-dominant countries like Russia. loss. Including Google apps.

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