Microsoft launches the largest patch package in the company's history
Microsoft launches the largest patch package in the company's history

Microsoft released a new security update package called (Tuesday Patch) in March 2020, which contains fixes for up to 115 vulnerabilities in the company's products, including 24 critical vulnerabilities. Easy to use and can lead to complete penetration of existing devices, except for 88 large weakness and 3 medium weakness.

The new security update package is Redmond's largest security update package. Users should install these security updates as soon as possible to protect the Windows operating system from known security risks.

The software giant introduces new update packages as a package, and all users can get them once they agree to install.

This package contains an update for this vulnerability (CVE-2020-0684), which can be attacked by malware developers. This is a shortcut file error (Windows LNK) that allows Windows malicious software to run a malicious file code (LNK) on the device while the system is running.

According to Microsoft, this bug is a valuable gift for cyber criminals because malware can easily be spread on users ’computers by creating a malicious LNK file with an executable code.

Microsoft has also addressed a vulnerability (CVE-2020-0852), which allows attackers to create malicious Word documents, and execute code by opening them, and an attacker can use a specially designed user to photograph a user linked to current user privileges. Activate the file to exploit this vulnerability. yourself.

The company made recommendations to users, including installing the appropriate patches that Microsoft provides on endangered systems, immediately after selecting the appropriate patches and running all programs as unrecognized users (i.e. users who do not have administrative privileges) to address the reduction of the impact of successful attacks and the recommendation not to visit websites Not reliable. Or click on the suspicious link.

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