Over a billion Android phones are threatened by piracy
Over a billion Android phones are threatened by piracy

A new study warns that more than a billion Android devices may be compromised, because many - still in use and purchase in relatively new times - no longer support security updates, so you won't get bug fixes and the like. The problem comes from the UK's consumer protection organization (?).

This means that people who use mobile phones can become infected through widespread use and that hackers can use them fairly easily. A UK Consumer Protection Agency report found that about 40% of Android users use older operating systems and that their devices no longer receive updates. Security

Recent tests have shown that smartphones and tablets, including those still available in online markets such as Amazon, can be affected by a number of malware and other threats and lead to theft. Personal data.

Android is the most popular operating system in the world. UK Consumer Protection Group reports that, according to Google 2019 data, more than two million smartphone users are at risk of data theft and other cyber attacks, to 5 billion Android devices worldwide.

Security updates for older versions of mobile operating systems are usually turned off, and companies like Google recommend that users upgrade to the latest versions of the operating system in order to better protect their devices from recent cyber threats.

Google and Apple are the world's two most popular manufacturers of mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. New versions of the system are published every year, which are updated regularly. It takes a few years for the regular update to fix other system problems. Problem

According to the report, older phones tested by manufacturers like Motorola, Samsung, Sony, and LG suffer from weaknesses and anyone who uses an Android phone released in 2012 or earlier (including popular devices of the time, such as Samsung Galaxy S3) and (Sony Xperia S) should be especially concerned.

The UK Consumer Protection Group recommends update attempts with Android systems before Nougat 7.0 (Android 7.0), which was first released in 2016 because Google no longer supports this version.

The report said: "We are extremely concerned that expensive Android devices have a short lifespan before they lose security, with dire consequences for millions of users, and that Google and phone manufacturers have to make open security updates that should also provide clear support information about how long the device will last What customers should do after the support ends. "

A Google spokesperson answered the report: "We strive to improve Android device security, provide security updates every month, and provide bug fixes and other precautions. We have worked with device partners and carriers to help Android users speed up and ensure a safe experience on their device."

It should be noted that previous studies have shown that smartphone users in Europe and the United States can continue to use their devices for a longer period of time without making a small leap forward each year, and the price was one of the main reasons for the irregular upgrades seen.

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