Apple asks its Silicon Valley staff to work from home
Apple asks its Silicon Valley staff to work from home

Apple said Friday that it has asked employees at Silicon Valley headquarters to work from home to prevent new infections from the Coronavirus.

Big companies have been polled by nearly 12,000 officials in Santa Clara County, where Apple Park is located, and have thought about asking employees to communicate remotely and find other ways to reduce direct contact. Health officials said there were 20 confirmed cases of coronavirus by March 5.

Apple also requires staff from the Seattle area of ​​Washington to work from home. In California, Santa Clara County retail stores are still open.

Apple Corp. said last month that the spread of the virus in China could prevent the first quarter of this year's sales for the year ending March 31, and could cause a shortage of iPhones.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the only company that is forcing its employees to work from home, such as Google, Microsoft, etc., and the virus epidemic has canceled major technical events, including: MWC 2020 and game developer. GDC 2020 Conference, Google and Facebook Developers Conference.

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