P40 Pro 5G  in Geekbench database
P40 Pro 5G  in Geekbench database

Huawei conference is about to open and announce the P40 series. Recently, the Geekbench database monitored the P40 Pro 5G, which examined the main functions of the phone.

Geekbench released information about the P40 Pro 5G phone again today. The phone was monitored under the leaked model number ELS-NX9 because the phone started the Android 10 operating system and 8 GB RAM randomly and it should be on other models Use other options on your phone for random storage.
The reference database of the P40 Pro 5G indicates that this version was released with the Kirin 990 processor chip that was previously used with the Mate 30 series phones that support the new foldable version of Huawei Xs Mate.

The standard leak also shows the performance of the P40 Pro 5G, which with 754 in the single-core test and 776 in the P40 Pro 5G and Mate 30 Pro can almost simulate the performance level of Mate 30 Pro. Multicore scores are 2847 and 3182 in the kernel P. Several tests for the P40 Pro 5G.

Huawei plans to launch the P40 Pro 5G phone with two additional versions at the next meeting on March 26, as it prepares to launch the P40 phone with the premium version. Looking forward to the next event at the end of this month on the Internet. For more information, contact the Huawei event.


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