Two of the P40 Pro cameras are equipped with large Sony sensors
P40 Pro

With more details on the following camera settings for the Huawei P40 Pro, this Chinese giant supports phones with two large Sony sensors and a miniature camera.

The next Huawei event will start on March 26 to announce the P40 series phones, but it continues to flee to provide more detailed information about the upcoming release specifications.

The recent leak event affects a higher version of the Huawei P40 Pro phone, as the @RODENT950 page shows the main specifications of the Sony IMX700 sensor camera with “Hexadeca Bayer” or “Leaked Quartet Bayer” sensor. Offers of the month.

The first sensor also measures 1.28 inches, 52 megapixels, and supports 13 megapixels photos. The sensor also has a RYYB color filter that can replace the RGGB color.

On the other hand, the second camera features a wide angle view and is equipped with a Sony IMX650 1 / 1.5 sensor, 40 MP and an RGGB filter. Camera configuration includes two zoomable sensors. The telescope supports up to 10 times and the telephoto lens supports up to 3. The phone also has a 3D flight sensor and color temperature sensor.


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